Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Napoleonic French Cavalry

A quick, sneak peek. My ancient Cybershot's dying and I know for a fact the old Tannenbaum doesn't have one underneath. None of the other photos turned out. Maybe after the new year I will post some more pictures. As for now I just wanted to get something new up. The left side is ESCI Polish Lancers, the right French Cuirassiers. I like these figures a lot.

The good thing about the holidays is we're heading back to St. Louis (and home of CRM Hobbies!) I should have a chance to get some new figures.

12/24/08 edit: retook some pictures. I got lazy and haven't added ground cover to the bases yet. I was surprised how quick and easy these (the Cuirassiers at least) were to paint. Horses and especially the white trim on the Polish Lancers saddle blanket took more than the figures. This is more first foray into Naps since I was 12 or 13. (Airfix figures) and I originally bought these to convert to World War One (1914) cavalry. I gave up on that because my real interest is British v Germans 191 6-1918. These are really nice figures with good detail. I wish the Cuirassiers had a bugler. The man standing by his horse is excellent and I wish there were more casual poses like this. Hope you enjoy.

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