Saturday, February 4, 2012

HäT Swedish Napoleonic Infantry

I'm glad these are done. Not really impressed with the sculpting, proportions or details on the guns, etc. To me, these look more like the dwarfish type of figures you'd find with metal figures. I also have a complaint that the specialist figures—the Lifeguards and so on, all have the same poses. Good grief, I've painted, repainted, removed the paint and tried to get these guys right. A lot of effort for units that showed up late to the battle (Leipzig) and hung around letting the Russian do all the work. And I'm part Swedish—my mother family came over in the late 1800s, settling in Minnesota. Our names were Andersen and Stromstead. Oh well.

I finished just after Christmas. I took some pictures and they all look like crap. So apologies for just one pic. This is the best of the bunch. I've been having troubles and been disappointed with the pictures I've been getting out of both of my cameras. I think it's the lights, I'll make some modifications and try it again.

On to finishing up some well done Zvezda figures.