Saturday, November 5, 2011

Emhar Franco-Prussian War French Infantry

For me, these are the classic French infantry—kepis, red trousers, white gaiters. They are good looking figures and paint up well. I do agree with PSR's assessment. The straps and detail are too shallow and paint hides a lot of the relief. Yet, they painted up easily and quickly.

The Zouaves are a different story. Painting one of them is enough for a lifetime. Anyone the wargames FPW or ACW and paints of battalions of Zouaves, well hats off to you guys.  Two Airfix WW1 Germans are filling in as Prussians until I can get my hands on Emhar's Prussians. I'm not a fan of soldiers swinging rifles at the air.

 I believe one of this blog's followers, a decent cross-state chap in Kansas City if I'm correct, is a fan of the Franco-Prussian War. Cheers if you catch this, enjoy.