Tuesday, October 18, 2011

ESCI / Revell British 8th Army

Okay, unlike most WW2 fanatics, I've never been a fan of the North African desert battles, preferring the British/German duels around Caen. (Must be a lingering affect of my WW1 Western Front fascination.) 
But after seeing a documentary on El Alamein and another on Italy's attempt to take North Africa and Germany's intervention, I decided to dust off my 8th Army figures. Now I'm eyeing Armourfast's new Crusader tank and upcoming Valentine. It never ends! 

I originally bought these to paint as the Indian 14th Army in Impahl-Kohima. Oh well, I still have Matchbox and Airfix Australians to go. You may notice Revell's 'Scottish figures' from this set are missing. They will be painted as D-Day British Commandos.