Thursday, April 30, 2009

Operation Iraqi Freedom

Okay, this is a shameless nod to one of my followers.

This quick diorama is somewhat a labor of love or should I say 'a labor of tribute.' I tend to be absorbed in past conflicts and fascinated with European armies often ignoring the work and sacrifices of our own military.

So this is for the men and women serving in Iraq and Afghanistan (and specifically those artillerymen in the 4th Division!)

56th Striker Brigade arrives.

I love google images and wikipedia.

With my love of European armies, I had to add one figure of our allies.
A 'Desert Rat' patrols outside Basra.

Monday, April 6, 2009

More Leipzig Images

Some bird's eye and a worm's eye view the battle. On the last pic (from the French Artillery's POV) you can see left to right, Zvezda Russian Artillery, ESCI Russians, HaT Austrian and Prussian Artillery, HaT Austrians. There is a handful of Italeri Prussians. These are mere placeholders until the new HaT Prussians are available. The French Infantry is Italeri, the artillery HaT.
More to follow.

Leipzig Light

For those of you who frequent HäT's forum you're probably tired of my incessant and innane Napoleonic questions. Mainly regarding Leipzig.

That's because I'm clueless about Naps and fascinated with this battle because: it liberated most of Europe (Germany) from Napoleon's rule, saw many of his German allies switch side, brought about Napoleon's downfall (like D-Day for Hitler) and was the largest battle in Europe till my favorite conflict, the First World War. And yet, I've never heard of this battle till a few month's ago.

So I was looking around Airfix's site and saw this image of their release of Waterloo.
If this undersized farm and sprinkling of figures could represent a battle of 300,000+ soldiers of several nations, then I could do the same for Leipzig!

Here's a WIP photo showing dispositions of troops, etc.
The board is 2" x 3" homosite from HomeDepot. I'm already wishing it were at least 4" x 4" If it were larger, I could add a scartchbuilt St. Thomas Cathedral and a diminuative version of the town hall. Also, there's just not enough space east of Leipzig for Bernadotte's army. After all HäT makes Swedish cavalry and are coming out with Swedish artillery. But more importantly, where would I put the British Rocket Troops!!?

Nap fans, please comment. But before you get to hung up, think of Paris snowglobe---you know, how an Eiffel tower, arc de'triomph and the louvre resepent the entire city. So 48 Austrians represent two army groups! More pics to follow soon.