Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Prussians and Russians

A look at the Italeri (ESCI) Russian firing line. I still have the advancing troops to paint. The green seems a touch on the olive side, I think I'll go more ivy on them using this shade as a highlight. I never painted Prussians before, compared to other Nap fashion show, they seem plain, like ACW union troops. Comments, corrections welcome.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

HäT Napoleonic Austrian Infantry and Artillery


More work in progress pics of the ongoing Leipzig diorama. This is my first time painting Austrians so I hope I got all the straps, pompoms, pouches right. I realized I forgot the gold braiding on the pants. The blue pants means the regiment is from Hungary. Regiments from German provinces in Austria wore white pants. (Thanks Mr. Mannix!)

Please feel free to comments.

WIP: Italeri French Line Infantry & HäT Artillery

Been a little quiet, but been busy painting away. The next couple of posts are work in progress images of a small 'Battle of Leipzig' diorama. The first here a some French figures. These were a real joy to paint---only after I finished two dozen did I realize they were considerably larger than HäT's French Foot Artillery.

No wonder they were nice to paint---everything was bigger.

I like these figures a lot, again, it's a shame---as with all Italeri stuff---they're too large. I am particularly fond of the officer.