Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Prussians and Russians

A look at the Italeri (ESCI) Russian firing line. I still have the advancing troops to paint. The green seems a touch on the olive side, I think I'll go more ivy on them using this shade as a highlight. I never painted Prussians before, compared to other Nap fashion show, they seem plain, like ACW union troops. Comments, corrections welcome.


Steve said...

Your troops look great! What (if any) rules set are you basing them for?

Steve said...

You can pick those up on ebay for anywhere between 14 and 25 bucks. Also - I swear I bought that IMEX "War of the Patriots" set and they were in there.
The militia set is great but it's hard to pass them off as the 1st Maryland or the Jersey Blues. I had an easier time with making them Glover's Regiment of Gloucester men or Green Mountain Boys.
Ahhh the SYW Austrians - you know a long time ago I had almost all of the Revell SYW plastics? Until a buddy convinced me that plastics were not what "sophisticated gamers" used. I'm still looking for the Prussians again. Very rare!

Shadrach said...

Steve, thanks for the compliment.

At this point I only collect and paint. (I'll game some day, if so, it'll be Crossfire: Brits and Germans in Normandy.)

So there is no rule set. It's just Elmers glue on cut up styrene (an orange and black 'FOR RENT' sign from Home Depot)
They pop off easily so they can be re-based.
Not only that, it's takes forever to paint them that detailed, if I were to field an army for gaming (hundreds of figs) believe me, they'd look like they were painted by 6 year old.

Sander said...

Nice paintjob mate!