Monday, September 26, 2011

HäT Napoleonic Bavarians. Finally!

At long last and with apologies for the wait—a full arms treat of Bavarians. 

Oh my, there's been a lot of turmoil at home interrupting this project, too many to list, but I finally based them last night. 

There's figures from four HäT sets here—cavalry, artillery, infantry and their latest fusiliers. 
One would expect the newest fusilier set to improve upon the previous infantry (which are actually grenadiers I believe.) But I was disappointed in the newest set. The belts, straps and cuffs were not as sharp nor well defined and a lot of the painting buttons and cuff are just guessing. That attributed for some of the delay. I did not find them a joy to paint (though I love the cornflower blue uniforms and yellow/red facings.)

On the left are two infantry painted as grenadiers (cornflower coats, red plume)

HäT Bavarian Infantry (8028) painted as jägers.