Tuesday, March 31, 2009

HaT Penisular British

Images of HaT's new Peninsular British. These are really nice figures. The body motion, poses are nice. Also for painters, the sculptinig in sharp and buttons, straps etc. are raised enough to take paint easily and not disappear under the layers (especially with the Delta Creamcoat acrylic paint I use.) I hope all of HaT's new offerings -- Prussians and new Seven Years War line—are of this quality. Lots of marching poses (not shown), firing and advancing. Wargamers should be pleased with the selection of poses. Highly recommended set.

Revell Colonial Militia

I nice set, would have preferred more uniformed Continentals. Of the three advancing Continentals, the man with the gun across his chest is a paint conversion of Revell's British Redcoats. This small diorama was to be augmented with Italeri's Continetals but the figures towered a scale foot taller. Hoping to pick up some Airfix Washington's Army someday to round this out.

The 'Pine Tree' flag, the British Red Ensign with a tree in place of the Union Jack was believed to have been flown at Bunker Hill.