Sunday, December 7, 2008

HaT US WW1 Artillery

These are some test sprues I received from HäT. Initially I was not a fan of this sculpting style. I was very disappointed when the first images of HäT's World War One troops with this new style--German Heavy Weapons, US Infantry, Canadian Infantry. I have yet to purchase these figures. Plastic Soldier Review gave them low scoring marks as do I.

That said, I've seen some good paint jobs of these soldiers on HäT's Everything Toy Solider forum, most notably by Thomas Willers and Sander Van Straeten.

I thought I'd give these a go and I am pleasantly surprised. The main shift was that these figures are toys. Once I got my head around that (toys like the old Lineol and Elastolin) then I was okay with them.

Note: The house is the classic Airfix Command Post. The wagon is from IMEX's Civil War munitions/ambulance kit. The gun emplacement is pink insulation foam on an old CD. The sandbags are made from some Crayola craft putty I got at Wal-Mart.

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