Wednesday, December 10, 2008

IMEX/Revell Civil War Skirmish

I'm glad this one's done. For some reason I got bored with this and painting became a chore.

A lot of this is because I'm not a fan of the Civil War--probably the idea of fratricide. Also, I have a penchant for European armies. These IMEX figures are not my favorite. The detail is dull, the body shape diminutive. The Union faces are often squat, the Confederates better shaped, but blobs. The Union are is a Revell/IMEX mix, the Confederates just IMEX.

The Union standard is the 1st Minnesota regiment who played a critical role in holding the line during Gettysburg. (I'm no Civil War buff.) I hope to add some more figures, mainly a Confederate with the flag of the 1st Missouri who played a role in the stout defense of Vicksburg. There are two Confederates reloading to one Union, the reflects the better armament and repeater rifles found in the Federal army.

Side note: Missouri/Minnesota? My great-great grandfather fought with a Minnesota Regiment, not sure which one. And I was born in Missouri.


Snickering Corpses said...

Have you tried any of the Esci/Italeri figures? I've got a box of each side and am rather fond of the Confederate standard bearer especially. His coat's off and he's carrying a shotgun in his other hand.

I keep telling myself I should get rid of them, because I'm working on some 10mm figures for ACW now, but I haven't quite brought myself to get rid of them as they're amongst the first I ever painted as a teen. Most of them are only half-painted, and some aren't painted at all, but they've still got that nostalgia factor.

Shadrach said...

I have loads of ESCI/Italeri figures, but no Civil War. Not a real fan of the sculpting style, especially the Napoleonic Era. Didn't someone refer to ESCI as 'ballerina poses.'

Yet, I see you have some ESCI Scots/Brits on your site. Hard to find Scots in that scale.

Snickering Corpses said...

If you mean the loose Esci 215, I think I have only the British poses from that set. The fellow from whom I bought them had apparently used all the Scots. The only Napoleonic Scots I have are the Italeri 6058 box that's intact, and a box worth of the old Airfix Napoleonic Highlanders that I've used for my AWI games.

One thing I do have in massive abundance, where Esci is concerned, is the WW2 German Infantry sets. Seven or eight boxes worth. They form the bulk of my Germans with a scattering of other manufacturers for variety, as I was able to pick up a couple of bulk lots at decent prices a couple of years ago.

S said...

"Ballerina poses" .........

Um, I think that might have been me on the Hat forum a while ago!


Shadrach said...

Yes, I read that on the HaT forum. It's spot on! And a keeper.

So good job!