Saturday, January 1, 2011

Revell Thirty Years War infantry

This took me about thirty months to paint.
As a diversion from Naps, I thought I'd snack on another era. This practically choked me instead. After some research on uniforms it quickly turned into a mess—mercenaries, laces, breeches, knee socks, feathers, sleeves, all depending on princes, lords, municipalities, religious affiliation. Throw in that most soldiers wore their civilian clothes and well, good grief! After painting a handful I stopped and spent more time deliberating, researching, untangling and getting discouraged. To TYW enthusiasts, I'm sure these are horrifically inaccurate.

In the end, I chucked at all and painted them according to Revell's box art. I like the end result but I doubt I'll ever dabble in the TYW again.
Unless I find the Imperial Artillery. For a decent price.

Happy new year!

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Modelmaker said...

Another beautiful work!

The right start into the new year!

Thanks for posting!

By the way "Happy new Year!" to you and your family.