Wednesday, January 19, 2011

HäT World War One French Cavalry

Test shots of HäT's new World War One French Cavalry. The WW1 sprues come with 5 riders and horses—officer and four mounted infantry (shown.) The horses, saddles and bedrolls are the same for all nations—British, French and Turkish. As with recent figures, these have great raised detail. Most all of the webbing, straps, ammo pouches are concise and easily identified when painting. The arms holding the lances/rifles/sword are separate, allowing a variety of positions. In this case, I chose the lances upright.

The scene is August, 1918 as French forces move forward. An Australian soldier (with helmet added) escorts German prisoners and a wounded French poilu to the rear. 
One of the prisoners is the surrendering Airfix German with Stalhelm and arms at his side (taken from the tankers in Emhar's WW1 British kit. I think he looks a little weird.

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