Sunday, November 8, 2009

Why aren't there new posts?

Where's the juice? Show me the meat!
Well, I recently lost my job—end of September—and vouched not to paint (much lest post) until I find work. As they say, finding a job is a full time job. And painting figures is a full time job and a half. I had to give up one to get the other to get the one back.

That said, I had been working on the following (before all this) and hope to post images s00n—

  • Zvezda Cossacks
  • Zvezda French Imperial Guard
  • Zvezda Russian Grenadiers (these are sweet!)
  • HaT Swedish Infantry (boring army/uniforms but if you're going to do Leipzig...)
  • HaT French Fusiliers (as Saxons—not a fan of white uniforms bleech!)
  • Waterloo 1815 Polish Line Infantry
  • Revell Prussian Infantry (Naps, not Seven Years War though I am spying that era...)
  • ESCI WW2 British Airborne (Up the Ox and Bucks!)
  • Emhar WW1 US and Germans (just a small handful)
  • Revell French Knights (Hundred Years War, these are in the pipeline, I've done a few and not quite pleased with the color yet. These may be a while.)

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Plastic Hussar said...

Sorry to hear about your situation. Good luck with the job search. The economy seems to be turning the corner now.