Saturday, November 5, 2011

Emhar Franco-Prussian War French Infantry

For me, these are the classic French infantry—kepis, red trousers, white gaiters. They are good looking figures and paint up well. I do agree with PSR's assessment. The straps and detail are too shallow and paint hides a lot of the relief. Yet, they painted up easily and quickly.

The Zouaves are a different story. Painting one of them is enough for a lifetime. Anyone the wargames FPW or ACW and paints of battalions of Zouaves, well hats off to you guys.  Two Airfix WW1 Germans are filling in as Prussians until I can get my hands on Emhar's Prussians. I'm not a fan of soldiers swinging rifles at the air.

 I believe one of this blog's followers, a decent cross-state chap in Kansas City if I'm correct, is a fan of the Franco-Prussian War. Cheers if you catch this, enjoy.


Lou said...

It's beautiful Shad! Here's to Hat getting their Franco Prussians out sometime soon.

Lou in KC

Shadrach said...

There you are! Thanks for the comment.
I just picked up Emhar's Prussians (yes, we can agree HaT's figures will be better!) Anyway, they're in the pipeline and hopefully will be up in a couple months.