Tuesday, October 18, 2011

ESCI / Revell British 8th Army

Okay, unlike most WW2 fanatics, I've never been a fan of the North African desert battles, preferring the British/German duels around Caen. (Must be a lingering affect of my WW1 Western Front fascination.) 
But after seeing a documentary on El Alamein and another on Italy's attempt to take North Africa and Germany's intervention, I decided to dust off my 8th Army figures. Now I'm eyeing Armourfast's new Crusader tank and upcoming Valentine. It never ends! 

I originally bought these to paint as the Indian 14th Army in Impahl-Kohima. Oh well, I still have Matchbox and Airfix Australians to go. You may notice Revell's 'Scottish figures' from this set are missing. They will be painted as D-Day British Commandos.


Paul´s Bods said...

Lovely paintjob and the base looks great as well.

Shadrach said...

Paul—wow! you set a blog record from time of post to first comment.

Thanks for the encouragement!!

Steven said...

They look great! Makes me want to dig out my North Africa Troops and have a go at the DAK once again! Thanks for posting!

Steve (formerly "the disgruntledfusilier")

Shadrach said...

Steve—well that's an interesting turn of eventd.

It was your blog that had me seriously contemplating Revell's SYW figures (if only the Prussians weren't so hard to find/pricey!)

Steven said...

I know - abandoning the old blog was unfortunate especially considering I had some wonderful pictures and battle reports in it. Alas! I have a new blog now and am moving full speed ahead! You are welcome over at my blog anytime! Also - if you are craving SYW in 1:72 fear not, HaT is going to release their SYW prussians soon enough :) and Zvezda has already released their SYW Prussian Grenadiers! Huzzah! Steve

Rodger said...

Very very good painting. Really like the piper.