Sunday, March 20, 2011

ESCI U.S. Special Forces—Viet Nam

The scene here is a classic firefight as a patrol moves up a road toward a firebase. The running figure and man firing the grenade launcher are probably my two favorite ESCI poses, ever. The 'Rambo' character is probably my least ESCI favorite. Ever. I'm not a fan of soldiers without headgear. Unless wounded.

A view from the other side. Here is a fig without headgear, but he's wounded. 
A classic ESCI pose but this is one of the best realizations of it. 

Hard to see but these figs are painted as 1st Cavalry.

A view from the chopper.

As I'm going through and painting poses in my collection that have never been painted—I'm no expert nor really interested in Viet Nam, why I even acquired these I have now idea—I realized I have a ton of ESCI! I think I bought almost everything they had except Ancients just because they were all that was new at the time. I was never a true fan like I was with Airfix but they are easy to paint and to ESCI's credit, their troops put on a good show. 

The palm tree is from Pegasus and is a nice, convincing kit. The tall grass is fake fur, cut short and scrubbed with Testor Interior Green. I quit working in oils but that's the only paint that'll adhere to fake fur.


CarloAntonio said...

Another great work !! Complimenti ...

For you question in Hat forum , you can see rhis link

Best regards Carlo Antonio

Sander said...

I really like the way you do these mini-diorama's mate! Have done a few of these chaps myself. Will post them up on the blog soon.

Cheers Sander

Jackball said...

Very nice! Always wish someone would up-size this set to 1/32 scale!