Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Traffic Jam

Thought I'd post some pix of a quick diorama/setup. Nearing mid-June, I think of the Normandy offensives by the British Army. Inspired by Operation Epsom and the traffic jam at Cheux, here's some ArmourFast Shermans and a converted Hasagawa Half-Track (M3 to M5) of the 11th Armoured. In the background are Bren Carriers and AGRA Matadors trying to move forward. Soldier are AB Figures. Most have shoulder flashes of the 3rd Infantry Division.


GEM Team said...

very nice.

Shadrach said...

thanks! I have a load of British armour I want to photograph.

I just moved 500 miles and a lot of my kits got dinged up. I'll be doing some repair/touch ups and will be posting more soon!

Sander said...

Very nice pictures! Looking like Hell's Hellway alright!

Greets Sander

The Young Oligarch said...

Excellent , Shadrach !

I was just thinking about doing something similar when Hat's Tank Riders series eventually comes out .

Won't be nearly as good as this stuff here , though .