Monday, February 15, 2010

More Leipzig Units.

HäT French Line Fusiliers as Saxon Infantry (charged by Revell Prussians.) The Saxons turned out okay, not a big fan of all white uniforms. HäT French Young Guard in background. The Young Guard, being one of HaT's older sets, is in rather simplistic in sculpting but one of my favorites. I particularly like the figure with his rifle up, bracing for attack.

Zvezda Russian Grenadiers as Jägers.

HäT Swedish Line Infantry with British Rocket Troops. The Rocket troops look stunning. The Swedes look good but with so little visual reference (i.e. contemporary paintings or movies) I have to trust this is what they looked like. I've waned on the Swedes (or more than likely their commander Bernadotte) for their lack of gumption at Leipzig.

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